Top 5 games releasing after June 26th I’m looking forward to playing

I promise this was planned and not a last minute decision


Ah yes, anyone who’s anyone in video games blogging/media has done at least one of these (unless they actually have ideas of course). 2017 looks like a good year for video games, so here are 5 games I’m looking forward to this year (or after June 26th at least).

Honourable Mentions:

South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Need For Speed: Payback, The Evil Within 2, Sea of Thieves and Far Cry 5.

5: Call of Duty: World War 2

Now, before some of you roll your eyes so far into the back of your own head you actually see your own brain cells, let me explain. While Call of Duty has been less than good as of late, after seeing gameplay and hearing the general response on social media, I’m excited about Call of Duty again for the first time in a while.

4: Assassin’s Creed: Origins

The two-year break that the series took seems to have paid off, as the new combat system, RPG elements and intrigue around the general location and setting has got me back on the hype train for Assassin’s Creed (I was never really off the hype train but at least this game actually looks good and not Assassin’s Creed 2.5).

3: Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Monolith’s second go around in the Lord of The Rings universe looks to build on the what made the first game a smash hit with fans and critics alike. With the developments to the nemesis system and the new story, I very much look forward to taking on Sauron’s army once again.

2: Super Mario: Odyssey

Psychotic cap aside, this game looks brilliant. The movement mechanics, the varying worlds an even the story make this new game very interesting. Mario has been a staple of Nintendo’s consoles longer than I have been alive and this new addition to the franchise looks excellent.

1: Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

This game deserves all the hype it gets, with the first one being the diamond in the pile of shit that was games in 2014. I expect it to be more of the same, excellent story and mechanics with characters people can be invested in. Also, who doesn’t love shooting Nazi’s in the face? (In video games of course, don’t actually shoot someone in their face, despite their backwards political nonsense).

All in all, it looks like whatever your tastes are when it comes to video games, it seems to be another good year. And yes, I’m aware 3 of my top 5 all release on the same day.

Thoughts on Bethesda’s E3 Showcase

Bethesdaland is like Wicksteed Park

At two previous E3s, Bethesda stepped up its presence at E3 by having its own annual showcase. 2017 was no different and here is what we learnt.

Note: Expect this one to be shorter than the others as they didn’t reveal much.

Bethesda kicked off the show by announcing that two of their biggest titles, Fallout 4 and Doom will be playable in VR. Titled Fallout 4 VR (obviously) and Doom VFR respectively, both titles will launch later this year on HTC Vive exclusively.

My Thoughts: If you could afford the HTC Vive without selling your entire collection of technology and your soul, this would’ve been a huge deal. It’s a massive step for VR, whose lack of ‘Real games’ has been one of its biggest criticisms. So, if you have HTC Vive, enjoy two great games for it.

After being seen in the trailer for the system back in October, we also got a trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. We saw that it was amiibo compatible and you can get the Master Sword, Links Blue Tunic and the Hylian Shield in Skyrim. Unfortunately we didn’t get a release date but they did say everything we saw would be out in 2017, so expect it this year at some point. Elder Scrolls Legends, Bethesda’s mobile card game also had some new content announced in the form of a brand new expansion titles ‘Heroes of Skyrim’ releasing later this month. Speaking of Elder Scrolls, we also got a trailer for the recently released Morrowind Expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. Quake Champions was also shown, with a hype trailer and a $1 million prize pool E-Sports tournament later this year at Quake Con. Wolfenstein protagonist BJ Blazkowicz was revealed to be a playable character within the game.

My Thoughts: Skyrim for Switch looks awesome, playing one of my favourite games will on the move is going to be great. If you like the Elder Scrolls Legends, the new stuff is cool. For me however, I’m not invested in this news at all. And the Elder Scrolls Online stuff was for promotion purposes only. As for Quake Champions, I don’t play PC games so have no thoughts.

Bethesda also unveiled a sort of paid mods system called ‘Creation Club’ for Fallout 4 and Skyrim where players buy credits from either Xbox Live, Playstation Network or Steam and exchange these credits for original content that won’t affect achievements, like current mods do. Bethesda mentioned in a FAQ on their website, that this is separate to Mods currently on both games and will continue to be so.

My Thoughts: I’m not sure about this, paid mods weren’t a great idea initially. and this just seems that but tied up in a nice bow and gift wrapped. However, if this stays separate to free mods, I don’t see this being an issue.

Also, revealed at the show was Arkane studio’s Dishonored Death of the Outsider, a standalone expansion, where you see Daud(the assassin who murdered the Empress in the first game) and ex-second in command Billie Kurk as you have to eliminate The Outsider. The game will release on September 15th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and will cost $30.

My Thoughts: Dishonored 1 and 2 are both good games, so it’s a reasonable assumption that this will also be at least good, significantly shorter, but still good.

Bethesda closed the show with two major announcements in the form of The Evil Within 2, an action horror game made by Tango Gameworks, led by Resident Evil  creator Shinji Mikami. They gave the game a lengthy reveal trailer which pushed the horror vibes the developers were surely going for. The game is set to be released on Friday 13th October later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Closing the show, MachineGames latest creation Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. Set in 1960s America, protagonist and real American BJ Blazkowicz returns and joins up with a resistance group attempting to take America back from the Nazis (*insert Trump Joke here*). The game is set to release on October 27th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

My Thoughts: Both games had a great showing at this conference, and both follow on from great games, so I hope they live up to expectations and will definitely be getting both come October.

All in all, I feel Bethesda’s showcase was an average showing. The two games at the end made it worth the watch and I hope both games deliver.